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  • Compliance services pertaining to timely filing of returns as per various statutes
  • GST Return
  • Income Tax Return
  • TDS Return
  • PF Return
  • ESIC Return
  • PT Return
  • When you want to go beyond the mentality of just giving out paychecks to your employees, we can bring about new business insights and help you focus on what you do best – running your business
  • Our payroll management services allow you to take your human resource management to a higher level
    Payroll is the most daunting task of HR department, which needs to be time bound and accurate.
  • Employee satisfaction depends on payroll management services as they won’t tolerate the errors in payroll.
    • Benefits:
      • Decreased IT infrastructure investment
      • Consolidated, error free reports, and documents with business intelligence
      • Lower risk concerned with compliance and penalties
        speedy resolution of employee queries
      • Better resource deployment
      • Maintenance of complete employee payroll life cycle, from joining to relieving

Physical Verification of

  • In order to ensure that your Books of Accounts show a true picture, physical verification of stock is essential on adequate time intervals
  • If stock is incorrectly recorded, verified or evaluated, the resultant profit or loss for the period will also be incorrect which will affect the Balance Sheet, assets and net worth and present a wrong picture
  • If stock-in-trade is overstated, it may lead to payment of dividends or other expenses based on inflated profits. On the contrary if it is understated, secret reserves will be created which may lead to a fall in share value due to disclosure of low profits
  • In any organization, goods are easily subject to misappropriation and manipulation
  • Examining internal check systems in operation
  • Familiarizing with the stock system followed by the organization
  • Ross verifying stock sheets with stock registers
  • Examining how management controls the receipts and issue of stock
  • Cross checking the prices of the stock with the help of catalogues,
  • Invoices and price lists
  • Checking the totals, balances and extensions of stock sheets
  • Observing physical stock taking
  • Ensuring that only designated officials are allowd to access the stock records
  • Identifying the reasons behind alteration in stock sheets and
  • Ensuring the same are attested by designated officials
  • Ensuring whether proper cut-off procedures are followed
  • Ensuring that old and damaged stock have been excluded and written off
  • Minimizes pilferage and fraudulent practices
  • Ensures accuracy and usefulness of records
  • Identifies areas for more disciplined control
  • Backs up the balance sheet stock figures

Fixed Asset

  • Reviewing Fixed Assset Register
  • Consolidate physical reports for all sites and assets/inventories
  • Perform reconciliation between physical count and book count
  • Compute differences and identify the reasons
  • Executive Summary (Signed off by designated officials)
  • Provide Physical Verification Report
  • Statutory compliance as per CARO 2016
  • Ensures existence of assets of an entity
  • Facilitates verification and rectification for any accounting discrepancy
  • Helps manage internal compliances of the entity
  • Critical for continuous customer service


  • Staff Secondment may be adhered to deploy a member of staff with particular set of skills and abilities to undertake a particular project or a job or to cover a period of absence.
  • It may be considered as an opportunity for an individual to acquire new set of skills or experience which will inturn benefit their employing department on their return.
  • Temporary vacancy needs to supported by temporary qualified staff
  • Savings in salary costs including statutory insurances and personal income tax
  • Knowledge transfer and training courses from secondment
  • Support from professionals during secondment
  • Clear responsibilities and job description
  • Providing with qualified staffs for many positions from low to high
  • Grade for the requested period
  • Support team for secondment positions with high qualification
  • Reducing your administrative costs in recruitment, statutory insurances and personal income tax

Book Keeping

  • For organizations that are in their early stage of growth, book keeping can appear to be a time consuming exercise/activity.
  • Enterpreneurs are often unaware of all the regulations applicable to them.
  • And even if they are aware of the regulations, the nature of the work would require a full time specialist to be employed.
  • In the recent scenario, even well established business houses are resorting to outsource non-core functions.
  • Owners believe in dealing with specialized external agencies that are answerable to them and provide them with quality solutions rather than dealing with layers of employees in their own organization.
  • In order to avoid problems, it is helpful to use an agency that has specialists in these fields rather than relying on employees who have only basic knowledge on the subject.
  • Monthly business accounting in Tally
  • Management/MIS accounts preparation on a periodic basis
  • Company accounts preparation as per Indian GAAP on an annual basis for audit and filing with regulatory authorities
  • Asisstance in setting the accounting and reporting policies and framework for companies
  • Assisstance in setting up tax registrations and compliances
    transition assistance for companies once they decide to take
  • Accounting and tax activities in-house.