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Direct Tax

India’s taxation system is among the most complex systems across the globe and constantly gets updated to account for changes in the economy and policy.
Continuous development and increasing complexities in economic environment leads legislators to bring rapid changes in tax laws.
However/still the system remains prone to delays and inefficiencies as well as substantial tax burdens due to a misstep or lack of knowledge.
Further, there are additional restrictions on foreign nationals and companies, as well as international transactions between group companies.
We advise our clients on major developments in taxation regimes ocurring periodically and their effect on business.

Corporate Tax

From an international perspective, it is generally believed that Indian Income Tax Law offers a hostile reception. Further with the introduction of concepts such as indirect transfers, GAAR and others, the tax challenge is likely to escalate.
We understand the impact of developments in tax and regulatory aspects and strategically use them for the benefit of the business activities conducted by you.

  • Designing entry strategies from tax and regulatory perspective.
  • Tax planning and optimization for corporate restructuring, amalgamation, demerger, slump sale, divestures and other major corporate moves.
  • Tax planning and optimization strategy for profit and dividend repatriation.
  • Advising on structuring remuneration packages for employees and on cost saving opportunities so as to minimize the tax bill in the hands of employees and maximise their take home pay, and also ensure that the entire remuneration is allowed as business expenditure for the employer.

Global Tax and Business

With globalization becoming norm of the day, corporates are looking to align their global tax position according to their overall business strategy in order to be competitive and at the same time provide value to their shareholders.

  • Structuring with a view to minimize the tax liability of Foreign Companies/Non resident entities investing in India and planning to do business in India.
  • Structuring of payments as per the provisions of The Income Tax Act and Double Tax Avoidance Treaties, in order to minimze tax liability
  • Counselling clients in developing inbound as well as outbound investment structures which result in tax efficiency during the duration of investment period and also at the time of exit.
  • Certification for foreign remittances in Form 15CA and Form 15CB


Determination of transfer pricing policy is an approach which brings certainity to the inter company transfer pricing and also mitigates exposure in advance.
Therefore, prior to taking of any international transactions or specified domestic transactions with its associated enterprise, it is essential that the transaction is evaluated, structured and planned specifically keeping in mind the tax impact.

  • Transfer Pricing Planning
  • Documentation
  • Transfer Pricing Study Report
  • Litigation Support
  • Advice on all relevant matters

InDirect Tax

The India economy has witnessed an evolutionary change since the introduction of GST replacing the erstwhile cumbersome systems of Excise, VAT, Service Tax etc.
It has transformed one’s approach towards doing business and has paved ways for many new players in the market.
Even though the new regime aims at a greater transparency and fairness across the range of goods and service providers, it also introduces significantly more compliance requirements in the form of multiple returns every month, multiple tax payments every month and constant reconciliation of tax credits being claimed by each entity
With this change, many businesses in India are at a loss to understand this transition phase and are unable to fulfill their tax liabilities accurately
All GST filings are required to be done online
Because of these changes several businesses are opting for professional indirect tax services, instead of placing the responsibility on their own teams.

At R B Ahuja and Associates, our taxation consultancy solutions provide absolute control to our clients, enabling them to align their strategies with the constant changes in tax policies and regulations.
We can assisst you with timely planning and ongoing compliance solutions to ensure that you are always on the right side of the law.
Our Team can help you develop or refine your Indiect Tax strategy and address the Indirect Tax implications for most types of business transactions.
This will help you reduce costs, minimize risk and increase confidence that nothing has been missed.
We tend to ensure that we serve our clients with a basket of services thus enabling a one stop solution for all their requirements

GST Registration

Registration and implementation in case of newly set up organizations and migration and review of implementation in case of existing organizations


GST Compliance

Ongoing calculation of GST liability, GST credit and timely filing of GST returns


GST Advisory

Interpretation of GST Acts and specific sections based on client’s industry, products, exporter/importer status and other unique circumstances


GST Audit

Assisstance in relation to yearly GST audit and credit reconciliation


GST Assessments

Liasoning with tax authorities and providing end-to-end asisstance